Restaurant Security Solutions

Most companies will have employee theft to manage whether it’s theft at POS, fraudulent use of credit and gift cards, and even product or equipment theft. There is also the threat of outside criminals who target restaurants to rob or burglarize them. Activities unique to your location such as cash payment for services from maintenance companies, delivery service, and special event catering may be of concern as well.  Our security diplomat monitoring can help you identify these areas of potential loss and prevent them before they happen!

Equipment Rental Program:

Save MoneyResort Security pioneered the Rental/Monitoring  program for the Hospitality industry. Our program insures that you will never have to buy another video camera system again!

With the Resort Security Rental/Monitoring program, we install, maintain, repair or replace the equipment as needed at No Charge to the customer.

Customers can RENT the systems combined with our Security Diplomat Monitoring. Our monitoring pricing is based on the number of cameras being monitored and the number of hours needed.