Recreation Security Solutions

Often neglected, recreational areas are prime targets for theft as well as potential hot spots for dangerous activity. Security cameras are ineffective as they can only record video and armed guards are costly and can only be in one place at a time. Neither are very efficient or cost effective. A video of an event that happened yesterday has limited value. A full time armed guard would require you to have a minimum of 4 guards working alternating shifts which can be extremely costly.

Equipment Rental Program:Save Money

Resort Security pioneered the Rental/Monitoring program for the Hospitality industry. Our program insures that you will never have to buy another video camera system again!

With the Resort Security Rental/Monitoring program, we install, maintain, repair or replace the equipment as needed at No Charge to the customer.

Customers can RENT the systems combined with our Security Diplomat Monitoring. Our monitoring pricing is based on the number of cameras being monitored and the number of hours needed.