At the heart of any video monitoring service is the monitoring center. Our GeoVision Certified center is at the cutting edge of technology and to ensure flawless execution of our services, we maintain:

“The Vatican Chooses GeoVision to help stop terrorism” – Click to read more. 

How It Works

Once all the equipment has been installed, we begin monitoring your property for incidents that put your guest, property or assets in danger. Our software utilizes the latest digital video monitoring systems and software to detect intrusions and disturbances occurring in protected areas.

The alerts trigger action by Resort Security Diplomats to speak to the persons that are being monitored and if necessary to notify property management and/or law enforcement, as appropriate. Emails with pictures of each event are automatically sent at the end of each shift.

We work 24/7/365 to protect your property’s assets and your guests, allowing you to sleep better knowing that Resort Security Solutions is on the job.