We Are A Committed Team Of Professionals In The Resort And Security Industries With Over A Decade Of Experience.

Resort Security Is A National Company With A Decade Of Experience Providing

Security Diplomat Monitoring Services 24/7/365

Our Philosophy

Traditionally in the Hospitality Industry, security consists of cameras that record video and/or armed guards that are hired for the summer season. Neither or are very efficient or cost effective. A video of an event that happened yesterday has limited value. Armed guards at a resort are a potential liability waiting to happen and do not fit with the Hospitality image.
The founders of Resort Security have identified a better way to provide cost effective security that identifies problems in real time and protects visitors and guests without creating a potential liability. We have developed a  cost effective Video Security Guard Monitoring solution for various industries nationwide over the past decade.

We Provide:


  • 5 Star Customer Service

  • Trained Security Diplomats

  • Video Monitoring

  • Equipment Rental Programs That Includes Design, Installation, Training, Maintenance And Repair

Markets Served

Hotels & Condos



Retail Outlets

Our History

Resort Security Solutions is a technology driven company dedicated to providing video monitoring and Security Diplomat Monitoring protection to target markets nationwide. Resort Security Solutions was created  by founders who have invested a lifetime of experience in creating and managing successful companies including a very successful IPO that is now owned by a large multinational U.S. company. The founders are committed to providing the highest quality products and services at competitive prices.  Resort Security Solutions works constantly to provide the latest in technology, hire and train the best Security Diplomats, and deliver the best products targeted to its key markets.